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Published on September 11th, 2012

10 Words That Could Lead You To Great Success

Having published hundreds of success stories over the years, whether that of Holocaust survivor Felix Zandman who to survive, lived in a tiny underground ditch for 17 months and later became a world renown physicist who built a Fortune 500 company,

Or Elizabeth Keckley, an ex-slave who became a successful businesswoman and a close confidant and friend to Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Lincoln,

Or that of John Van Hengel, who from a dumpster in 1967 began the world's first food bank, they all had one thing in common:

What they had in common can be stated in just 10 words: They committed themselves to their dreams and acted on them.

Many people believe it is only the gifted, the well-educated, and the well-connected people that attain great success. But in fact it is almost always those people who have to overcome seemingly overwhelming odds that achieve the extraordinary.

Paul Orfalea, the Kinko's founder was so dyslexic, he could barely read, had no money, and could not work the machines at Kinko’s other than the photocopier. Carl Karcher, the founder of Carl's Jr., which also includes Hardee's, had an 8th grade education, no money and began with a hot dog cart.

Sidney Poitier attended just one year of grade school but self-educated himself and worked as a janitor to receive acting lessons, as he rose from poverty into the famous actor and director he became.

In every case, it started with a dream, a dream being something everyone has. But the difference was these people committed themselves to make that dream a reality and they put vigorous action behind that commitment.

Ulysses S. Grant failed at everything he ever tried until he focused on his military career, a career that led him to U.S. Civil War victory and he subsequently became President of the United States.

Nolan Miller rose from poverty to attain his boyhood dream of dressing most of Hollywood's top leading ladies and Ray Bradbury became a bestselling writer despite having no college education or formal training.

Your success is up to you. You can leave your dreams a fantasy or you can commit yourself to them and take strong action behind them. If so, great things could happen for you as well.

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