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Published on December 8th 2020
5 Good Samaritans who rescued a desperate family from raging flood waters.

5 Good Samaritans help rescue a desperate family
photo: youtube.com

Because of Tropical Storm Isaias, rushing flood waters turned an ordinary Chester County, Penn. stream into a death-defying nightmare.

Dan DiGregorio and a second man saw a car approaching the floodwaters, unknowingly into dire peril.

"We see this car about 300 yards away decide to come towards us and we are both like, 'whoa - no, no, no, no, no!'" Dan later told CBS Philly.

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But it was too late.

The car was swept away and neither they, nor two other men who arrived could see the vehicle, nor access cell service to call 911.

The men had to act quickly to find that car and help those stranded in it.

Just then, a municipal worker in a large backhoe vehicle appeared. "It was like a miracle," Dan told CBS Philly.

5 Good Samaritans help rescue a desperate family
photo: youtube.com

They climbed into the backhoe's scoop and quickly spotted the sinking car.

A frightened father was in the racing water, a toddler tightly in his grasp. He told them three more children were in the car.

"We will get you out," they yelled and told him to guide the other children onto the car roof.

5 Good Samaritans help rescue a desperate family
photo: youtube.com

From the backhoe scoop, now over the flood waters, they formed a human chain clinging to each other's belts in order to reach the sinking car.

They rescued the toddler first, then the driver's other young son and niece, and reached for the eldest boy, who clung desperately to the car.

Soon he and the father were taken thru the waters and into the backhoe, to await paramedics.

In this crisis, five strangers to each other and to those in peril stopped what otherwise would have been a tragedy and rescued a grateful family.

Editor's Note:To learn more, click here and here. Thank you to PassItOn.com for sharing this story with us.

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