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Published on October 6th 2020
Randi Emmans Bailyn and John Suazo: A couple who rescued a homeless man.

Randi Emmans Bailyn and John Suazo with Pedro Reid
Randi Emmans Bailyn and John Suazo with Pedro Reid
photo: sparkt.com

After Randi, 33 left her Los Angeles apartment to walk her dog, she heard a man speaking to himself.

What she heard broke her heart.

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She told The Washington Post:

"He was saying things like 'Everyone just stares at me. I'm an educated man, but all they see is a person who doesn't have a home and doesn't have anyone to call.'"

With her boyfriend John, 34 they met this man, Pedro Reid, 54 who happily spoke with them. "He was so impressive," John told The Post. "The whole conversation really touched us."

Pedro Reid at his family home
Pedro Reid at his family home
photo: boredpanda.com

In 1999, Pedro moved 3,000 miles from Charleston, South Carolina to live with an aunt in L.A.

But soon, overwhelmed by alcohol and other drug addictions, Pedro lived on the streets for the next 20 years, in and out of jail for petty crimes to pay for food and his addictions.

"John and Randi saw me as more than what everyone else saw me as - just a homeless person living on the streets. They believed in me, despite the situation they found me in."

They gave Pedro a backpack filled with food and water and other essentials.

On Facebook they raised $6,500 which paid for a one-week hotel stay, hot meals, new clothes and a cell phone.

Meanwhile on the Internet, they looked for his family, and found them. Locating Pedro was the answer to his family's prayers.

Pedro Reid with family
Pedro Reid with family
photo: lifestylewnews.com

With the remainder of the $6,500 Pedro was Corona tested and flown home to his family where he is now living happily with his aunt and uncle.

Of Randi and John, Pedro told The Post, "Their names will forever be etched on my heart."

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Reader Elaine comments:
Hopefully, Pedro will/has counseling on both substance abuse and social interacton counseling. After so many years on the streets, he doesn't have the skills to stay sober or deal with human conflict (such as house rules, responsibilities, etc...Thanks for the article...Stay Safe.

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