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Published on March 10th 2020
Adam Armstrong: Donating toys to poor children

Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong
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On his own since the age of 16, Adam was a troubled young man and at 18 was imprisoned for selling Marijuana.

After serving 3-months, Adam was released and moved to the Harris Garden Apartments, a low-income complex of 200-units in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

But prison had changed him.

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Determined to make a new life, Adam became a food server and then a mortgage company loan officer and saved his money.

He then bought, renovated and flipped houses and he got into the travel club business, becoming financially independent.

But his memories of poverty told him there was something he had to do.

Last Christmas Adam met with Sara Lewis-Weeks, the manager of the Harris Garden Apartments, telling her he used to live there.

When Adam, now 35, and the father of a 3-year-old daughter proposed a toy giveaway there, Sara was skeptical.

In her 27-year career, she had heard too many false promises.

But after checking Adam out, she okayed it and the following Saturday morning, Adam pulled up in a 26-foot long moving van filled with toys and began giving them out.

There were nearly 100-bicycles and tricycles, and Barbie Dolls, remote control cars, Nerf guns and numerous other toys, costing thousands of dollars.

He then visited 3 other low-income apartment complexes and gave out the rest of the toys.

Adam told The Washington Post for the last 6-years he's donated toys to the Salvation Army, his church and other organizations.

But this time he wanted to interact with the kids.

"Some of them have nothing," Adam told The Post, "and to be able to give them a small toy...the reward and the pleasure was mine."

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