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Published on April 4th 2023
AeroAngel: Saving Children's Lives

Free to families in need, a Denver nonprofit airlifts sick children to lifesaving or life sustaining medical care anywhere in the United States.

These children fly with their families in private jets to hospitals prepared to save their lives or to provide critical medical care.

In March, Miles, a 7-month-old baby born with a critical heart condition was flown free of charge for life-saving surgery at Boston Children's Hospital, which specializes in his condition.

Flown 1,200 miles by private jet from South Central Wisconsin to Boston this fragile baby avoided crowds and diseases including Covid, and received immediate care.

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Founded in 2010 by attorney Mark Pestal, AeroAngel operates with pilots that volunteer their time and with donors who provide jets or money.

Two-year-old Jack Hogan suffers from various medical conditions and needs to regularly fly 700 miles from his Virginia home, also to Boston Children's Hospital for treatment.

As a chronically ill toddler, AeroAngel comes to his rescue.

Hopeful recipients go to the AeroAngel.org website, make a formal request and provide a letter of medical necessity. Once approved, donors cover the costs.

"We have a database of about 250 jet donors across the U.S.," AeroAngel's Brit Baillargeon told USA Today. "So, anything from private owners to corporations."

One of those donors is flyExclusive.

Little Leo Gonzalez was born with major health issues, among them multiple holes in his heart and severe low blood calcium, causing seizures.

Because of his delicate condition, and his disease susceptibility, flyExclusive/AeroAngel flew him and his family to Duke University, which performed the surgery Leo desperately needed.

When children such as Miles, Jack, and Leo and many others require critical care far from home, AeroAngel is there.

Editor's Note: To learn more, please visit nicenews.com, usatoday.com, neusenews.com and aeroangel.org.

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