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Published on April 9th 2019
Alan Naiman: A Seattle social worker who left a stunning $11-million, mostly to children’s charities.

Alan Naiman
Alan Naiman
Photo: Susan E. Madsen via AP

His donations were primarily to charities that take care of abandoned, sick, disabled and poor children, for as a social worker, he understood how hard life can be for them.

Where did he get all this money?

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Before we answer that question, here are some examples of his generosity:

Alan left $2.5-million to the Pediatric Interim Care Center, a non-profit that takes care of babies born to drug addicted mothers.

He donated $900,000 to Treehouse, a non-profit foster care organization which provides toys, clothing and other necessities.

treehouseforkids beneficiaries
Photo: insta-stalker.com

Alan also donated to Westside Baby, which provides new and used items to poor families, and to the Disabled American Veterans, in addition to a Catholic church donation.

So where did Alan get all this money?

Part of it came from a large inheritance from his parents, but being unmarried and having no birth children of his own, Alan could live on very little money.

He worked multiple jobs and used duct tape to make his shoes last, bought grocery store food discounted at closing time, and ate fast food.

As a result, when Alan died last year at 63, he left us with a great gift, the gift of uplifting lives now and for generations to come.

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here and here. Also: Pediatric Interim Care Center, Treehouse, Westside Baby and Disabled American Veterans.

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