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Published on August 16th, 2016
Allan Law: A guardian angel to the homeless.

Allan Law
Allan Law  

For 32-years Allan was a Minneapolis inner-city school teacher.

During those years, after school and on weekends, he was a mentor to many children in poverty, most with no fathers in their homes.

Then in 1999 when Allan retired, he decided to take his devotion to the next level, and help those people who had nothing and no-one.

What began modestly in 1999, has now become a major rescue operation.

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Every night Allan packs his minivan with sandwiches, blankets, hats, gloves and socks and at 8 pm, he begins driving the streets of Minneapolis.

There, he greets homeless people with hugs and kind words and hands them what they need to survive the night, particularly in winter's subzero temperatures.

In the wintertime, survival can be literal. Known for its frigid winters, some Minneapolis homeless people freeze to death.

But any time of year, there aren't enough shelters to feed and house those in need, and in some cases, Allan is providing food to people who haven't eaten in days.

Each night Allan delivers 600 - 700 sandwiches, a godsend to those who are hungry, homeless children among them.

"Last year I passed out 520,000 sandwiches, 2,000 blankets, 2,000 - 3,000 pair of socks to the homeless who have nothing," Allan remarked in a video.

Where does Allan get so much food and other supplies?

From over 700 community groups, among them schools, religious organizations, individuals and corporations which donate the resources and the sandwiches to him.

Allan arrives home at noon each day, after spending the night with the homeless, and sleeping 3 to 4 hours on the front seat of his minivan. He hasn't slept in a bed in 13-years.

During the day, he collects the food and other supplies, stores the food in 10 freezers in his small home and at 8 pm, he sets off to care for the homeless again.

"The most important thing this program delivers is compassion," Allan told a schoolroom class.

"That's what it's all about. Changing lives for the better. And I'm so lucky because I get to deliver the food."

Editor's Note: To see Allan in action, please watch this 4 minute, 55 second vimeo video: http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=5975 To learn more http://www.363days.org/allanlaw.html and https://www.facebook.com/mr.allanlaw/.

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