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Published on August 25th 2020
An Unlikely Friendship

Ethan Reynolds and Donald Spurgeon
Ethan Reynolds and Donald Spurgeon
photo: wthr.com

11-year-old Ethan Reynolds loves to ride his bike, and his favorite destination is to visit his friend.

Who is this friend?

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91-year-old Donald Spurgeon.

Each day, Donald goes to the cemetery to visit his wife Betty. "If I don't see the young man when I leave, he will be here when I get back," he told WTHR 13News Indianapolis.

Ethan Reynolds and Donald Spurgeon
Ethan Reynolds and Donald Spurgeon
photo: wthr.com

"If we need to go to Rural King [a home and garden center], we go to Rural King," Donald added. "If we need to go to Walmart, we go to Walmart."

"Wherever I go he goes. He goes with me. He keeps me out of trouble."

Regarding this heartwarming friendship, Ethan's mother Jessica said, "It was an older gentleman. I just was not expecting it. It was neat."

When 13News' Reporter Kevin Rader asked Donald why this friendship works so well, he stated, "We don't argue, do we?"

"We just decide we are going to do something and if he don't like it, we forget about it. If he likes it, we do it."

At 91, Donald's wife and most of his friends have passed away and it can be a lonely time. Ethan is a blessing in his life, and with Donald's wisdom and kindness, he is a blessing in Ethan's life.

Editor's Note:To learn more, click here. Thank you to https://www.kindspring.org/ for calling this lovely story to our attention.

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