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Published on January 22nd 2019
Anthony Mancinelli: At age 107, the world’s oldest barber

Anthony Mancinelli
Anthony Mancinelli
Photo: gerontology.wikia.com

In Fantastic Cuts in New Windsor, N.Y., about an hour’s drive north of New York City, there is a barber like no other.

Anthony, who will be 108 in March, is busy cutting hair for clients, and joking with them, while he makes each one a little more attractive.

He works from noon to 8pm, five days a week. He wears no glasses and is so energetic, he even sweeps up around his barber chair.

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In his personal life, Anthony lives without caregivers or anyone else in his home, trims his shrubs and cooks and grocery shops, pays his bills and does his laundry.

He drives wherever he wants to go.

Occasionally Anthony goes to a doctor. “I tell him I have no aches, no pains, no nothing. Nothing hurts me,” he told The New York Times.

He takes no daily medications.

Anthony was married for 69-years, until his wife passed away 14-years ago. Each morning before work, he visits her grave stone, as his love for her continues.

The couple was blessed with two sons.

Anthony came from a family of eight Italian immigrants. In order to help pay the bills, he learned haircutting at age 11, and began cutting professionally at 12, nearly a century ago.

And he’s never stopped.

Anthony has no retirement plans. He plans to cut hair until the end of his life, and at that time he wants to be buried with a scissors and a comb.

“I might have some customers up there that need a trim,” he joked.

Editor's Note: To see Anthony in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCltckxi4wg To learn more https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/nyregion/worlds-oldest-barber-anthony-mancinelli.html

Thank you to my friend Michael Delees who shared The Highlands Current amazing video with us.

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