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Published on June 30th 2020
Antonio Gwynn Jr., An 18-year-old peaceful protester who cleaned the streets of Buffalo, NY after a riot.

Antonio Gwynn Jr.
Antonio Gwynn Jr.
photo: internewscast.com

Antonio marched with other peaceful demonstrators, to protest the killing of George Floyd but the next day he was shocked by what he saw.

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Police and protesters had clashed and left behind shattered windows and other garbage.

"I was sad to watch all of that. There was a huge mess downtown," Antonio told The Washington Post. "I thought, 'I should go out there and clean it all up.'"

So, from 2 am until noon, for 17 blocks, Antonio cleaned up the mess. As he did, others without his knowledge posted it on Facebook where it spread far and wide.

"When I woke up and saw I was getting all these texts and tags thanking me, I couldn't believe it," Antonio told The Post. "It was the biggest surprise ever."

Antonio, who just graduated from high school, has no father in his life, and his mother died two years ago. His sister lived with their grandmother and Antonio lived with his Pastor's family.

He hoped to study business at Medaille College but couldn't afford it until Medaille learned what he had done and awarded him a four-year scholarship.

Because Antonio had no transportation, a kind man gave him his 2004 red Mustang convertible and another kind man agreed to pay the insurance.

Antonio Gwynn Jr.
photo: wsmv.com

And because Antonio had little money, the community set up a GoFundMe account that brought in $5,800 to pay his expenses.

"I was happy to help out, and I'm really surprised by the attention," Antonio told The Post. "I'm just really grateful for everybody's support."

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