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Published on June 25th 2024
After a car crash, dog jumps out of the car, runs to her safe place.

Aries. Photo: aol.com

As the signal turned green, Melissa Fickel was hit from behind, and her dog companion Aries, suddenly leaped from an open window of her car, and ran off.

"I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out," Melissa told WXYZ Detroit news.

"As soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously, she was out the window."

Although the car impact was minor, and no-one was hurt, 4-year-old Aries was gone and Melissa frantically looked for her.

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For the next 20 minutes, a distraught Melissa hectically searched for Aries until she got a text and a call from Travis Ogden.

Aries announcing her arrival at Hounds Town. Photo: wlbt.com

Travis owns Hounds Town Metro Detroit, the doggy day care center that takes care of Aries once a week, and a mile away from where the car crash took place.

He assured her Aries was safe with him. She was in her safe place. "I started crying," Melissa told The Washington Post.

When Travis let Aries in, she made a beeline for him and kissed his face.

Aries, happy to be reunited with her owner. Photo: aol.com

"I love that dog...," said Travis. "She's a really social dog who is always ready to play and have fun with the other pups."

Aries relaxed in her safe place, and played with the staff until Melissa picked her up.

When they arrived home, "I petted her a lot and told her she was a good dog," said Melissa, adding, "And that night, she got a whole taco."

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2024/03/05/dog-day-care-detroit-accident/ and wxyz.com/news/dog-involved-in-car-crash-runs-to-doggy-day-care-a-mile-away-for-help.

Melissa plans to buy a car harness to keep Aries safe during future rides.

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