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Published on April 27th 2021
A female medical team in the Alaskan Arctic Circle: Braving the harsh winter weather to vaccinate villagers from Covid-19.

female medical team in the Alaskan Arctic Circle
photo: wral.com

Americans in major cities have struggled to receive Covid-19 vaccinations. But what if you live in a remote village north of the arctic circle?

There, winter temperatures fall to as low as minus 50-degrees Fahrenheit, and there are snow blizzards, whiteouts and other severe challenges.

Places with daylight for just 3-4 hours a day. How do you get a vaccination?

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From an all-female team of four heroic healthcare workers: a doctor, a pharmacist and two nurses based in Kotzebue, Alaska.

Whether by "bush plane," (when weather conditions allow), or a sled attached to a snowmobile or by other means, they travel to your village.

Dr. Katrine Bengaard and the team
Dr. Katrine Bengaard and the team photo: ktoo.com

There they join with Community Aid Practitioners (CHAPS), your regular medical care providers, and they vaccinate you.

To get the vaccines there safely, they wrap them in a protective blue box and the nurses carry them to remote locations, knowing they have only 6-hours before the vaccines spoil.

Traveling by boat in the icy waters of Kachemak Bay
Traveling by boat in the icy waters of Kachemak Bay photo: ktoo.com

For home-bound people, the team even makes house calls.

One such recipient was a 92-year-old woman whose parents survived the 1918 flu pandemic that ravaged native Alaskans.

Receiving the vaccine was deeply meaningful to her and to those who love her.

As for the vaccinations in harsh conditions, "We made it work," Dr. Katrine Bengaard told Good Morning America, "And we had a really good time together."

Editor's Note: In addition to Dr. Bengaard, the team consists of pharmacist Meredith Dean, and nurses Heather Kenison and James Austin V.

To learn more: click here -->karunavirus.org/story/3236/vaccines-delivered-via-snowmobile and here--> https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/02/04/alaska-vaccine.

There are other Alaskan medical teams also conducting similar heroic measures. Thank you to KindSpring.org (1/28/21) for telling us of this remarkable story.

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