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Published on July 4th 2023
A baby turtle who survived a treacherous 4,000-mile swim from the U.S. to Ireland.

This little Loggerhead turtle was found by a family on the beach, upside down and near death, suffering from hypothermia from the extremely cold water.

They named her Cróga, a local word for brave.

Hatched in southeastern U.S. states such as the Carolinas or Florida, Loggerheads swim into the Gulf Stream, a warm current that lets them grow and thrive.

But not this baby girl.

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Instead, she swam across a vast sea filled with danger from birds, sharks, and other predators to wash ashore in Ireland.

The family that found her, through others reached Kevin Flannery, Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium director, who made a 12-hour round trip to collect this baby.

A Loggerhead of similar age will weigh 45 to 90 pounds, according to Kevin. Cróga weighed just 1 pound. To save her, Kevin, also a marine biologist moved quickly.

He warmed her, and injected her with saline to rehydrate her, as her body temperature began to rise. And he fed her.

She has gained 1.7 pounds. "It's quite voraciously feeding now," said Kevin.

Two more Loggerheads have joined Cróga at the aquarium, also from having washed up on Irish beaches.

When the turtles are strong enough, the Irish navy will free them in the Mediterranean sea, where the temperatures are ideal for them.

Eva the loggerhead turtle being released in the Mediterranean Photo: facebook.com

"This is where they spend their teenage years before drifting back to the Caribbean on the Caribbean current," said Kevin.

"When they are about 20 or 30 years of age, the female goes ashore and lays her hatchlings."

And life's cycle begins again, but few little Loggerheads will have a survival story as incredible as this baby turtle.

Editor's Note: To learn more thegoodnewshub.com/animals/baby-turtle-journey-to-ireland/ and washingtonpost.com/nation/2023/02/24/loggerhead-turtle-ireland/

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