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Published on December 15th 2020
Baby Yoda to the rescue.

Carver and Baby Yoda
Carver and Baby Yoda photo: cnn.com

In 2020 we've witnessed wildfires beyond anything in recorded American history, and thousands of firefighters on the frontlines battled those flames.

Sasha Tinning 54, and her 5-year-old grandson Carver found a novel way to support them.

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On September 12th, while grocery shopping, they saw an adorable Baby Yoda doll.

"The firefighters could use a friend, couldn't they,' Sasha said to Carver and later told The Washington Post. "He would be a very good friend for them," Carver replied.

After leaving the store, they and Baby Yoda drove to an Oregon firefighter donation tent. Sasha took a scrap of paper and helped Carver write:

Baby Yoda
photo: cnn.com

"Thank you, firefighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely. Love, Carver."

Tyler Eubanks, 34 a volunteer in the donation tent saw Baby Yoda and the note and showed it to other volunteers, and everyone began to cry.

"We were all really touched that Carver wanted to give a companion to the men and women who were out there risking their lives to fight the wildfires," she told The Post.

Tyler gave Baby Yoda to firefighters fighting a nearby fire.

Baby Yoda
photo: cnn.com

"Before I knew it, Baby Yoda was out there traveling the universe," Tyler said. She started "Baby Yoda Fights Fires" on Facebook to share his adventures.

The site has over 26,000 followers.

Photos from firefighters show Baby Yoda on the frontlines in a backpack, in an airplane dropping fire retardant and when resting, sleeping in a tent and having breakfast at a base camp.

As for Carver, Sasha told The Post, "He's excited that everyone likes Baby Yoda. Carver is happy that the firefighters now have a little friend to give them some comfort."

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