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Published on June 16th 2020
95-year-old Barbara Hinckley was swindled out of her savings. With heartfelt compassion her community generously replaced the money.

Barbara Hinckley and Gov.Janet Mills
Barbara Hinckley and Gov.Janet Mills
photo: wetheitalians.com

Barbara, who lives in Auburn, Maine had $18,000 in savings until a conman claiming he was with Publisher's Clearing House told her she had won $2.5 million in prize money.

And a luxury Mercedes sedan.

But over time she learned there were fees to pay before the money and car could be delivered.

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Meanwhile, the conman called regularly to be sure she took her medications and that her health was good. But most of all, he was an attentive listener for her.

In him, Barbara had a new friend she could share events in her life with, something many senior citizens long for.

"He was very clever," she told The Washington Post. "He acted like he genuinely cared."

"In the end, all I had left in my account was $8.75," Barbara added.

Hoping to prevent other seniors from being scammed Barbara did an interview with the Lewiston Sun Journal.

Readers, including former Maine governor John Baldacci, were furious she had been swindled.

The result: Last January 8, John's family restaurant held a spaghetti fund raiser at Auburn Middle School.

Barbara Hinckley spaghetti fund raiser
Barbara Hinckley spaghetti fund raiser
photo: facebook.com

Over 400 people attended, paying $5 each, with some donating more, as much as $1,000 more, until $18,000 was raised and deposited in Barbara's account.

"Barbara is such a sweetheart; she's like everybody's grandmother," John told The Post. "Seeing how everyone came together to help was so heartwarming."

While deeply grateful to her community, Barbara also has a message for other victims, "Don't be embarrassed or ashamed - tell somebody."

"By talking about it, you might help prevent it from happening to somebody else."

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