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Published on April 18th 2023
A tiny penguin who joyously waddles around in her new custom-made sandals.

African penguin Beach Donkey
African penguin Beach Donkey Photo: boston25news.com

In 2020, 24-year-old African penguin Beach Donkey, a resident of the New England Aquarium, was diagnosed with bumblefoot.

Bumblefoot makes walking painful, and if untreated, can lead to bone infections and sepsis which can lead to malfunctioning of various organs, shock, and death.

So, the Aquarium created a multi-faceted plan to rescue her and restore her health that included medications, surgical procedures, hands-on foot treatments, and the use of custom-made footwear.

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With veterinary care and a dedicated staff, the rescue plan worked well as they nurtured her back to health! Today, little Beach Donkey is healthy and happy!

Photo: wsvn.com

And there is more:

Because of Thera-Paw, a New Jersey based non-profit that designs custom orthopedic products for special needs animals, she has a beautiful pair of new sandals.

Beach Donkey's sandals
Beach Donkey's sandals. Photo: boston25news.com

In her new sandals, she proudly struts here, there, and everywhere, walking on even the hardest aquarium surfaces, a penguin with a new lease on life.

Editor's Note: To learn more https://nicenews.com/animals/penguin-fitted-custom-sandals/ and https://www.therapaw.com/.

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