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Published on November 17th 2020
Bentley Boyers: A little boy with a cleft lip, who fell in love with a puppy with a cleft lip, and they adopted each other.

Bentley Boyers
Bentley Boyers photo: goodnewsnetwork.org

In Michigan, at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, the staff worried that a little puppy would not be adopted because she has a cleft lip.

Meanwhile, Brandon Boyers, 27 arrived at the Shelter to adopt some chickens for his small family farm.

What happened next is amazing.

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Brandon got excited when he saw this tiny black-and-white dog with her cleft lip and thought of his son Brandon, age 2, and his cleft lip.

To show his wife the puppy, he called her on FaceTime.

This puppy instantly captured her heart. "I immediately told him to adopt her," Ashley Boyers, 23 told The Washington Post. "I said to bring her home today."

But he learned from Lydia Sattler, the Shelter Director that the adoption is a two-day process that includes a vet appointment.

Anxious to introduce their son to this puppy, the next day Ashley took Bentley to the Shelter.

Bentley Boyers at the shelter
Bentley Boyers at the shelter photo: clickondetroit.com

"They were head over heels for each other right away," she told The Post. As Bentley hugged and nestled with this puppy, 'everyone started crying.'"

"We were all in tears seeing the two of them together," said Lydia, the Shelter Director, who added they had never before had a puppy with a cleft lip.

"The fact that this is something we never see, the puppy came from 1,000 miles away and that Bentley's dad just happened to be here at that moment, it was just amazing."

The family named this puppy Lacey.

Bentley has had two surgeries, with more to come, his mother said. But he is thrilled with his new friend. "My puppy [is] so cute," he said. "I cuddle Lacey and give her kisses."

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