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Published on July 18th 2023
Best of Buddies, A Rescue Dog and A Rescue Goat.

What a fascinating dilemma the staff at the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, N.C. faced when close buddies Felix the dog and Cinnamon the goat arrived together.

"That was a first," Jennifer Federico, director of animal services, told The Washington Post.

Felix and Cinnamon had been raised together, and they had closely bonded. But when their pet parent was hospitalized, they no longer had a home and were sent to the Animal Center.

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"It's a weird duo, but it works for them," Jennifer said. "Who are we to judge? They obviously love each other."

Jennifer and the staff knew they had to place them for adoption together, and on March 25th, they posted this Facebook message:

"We have a VERY unique situation and we need your help to find a RESCUE who can take this bonded pair and find them a perfect home."

"They are best buds and are truly bonded; they even sleep together and have been kept together 24/7 except when they eat."

Photo: yahoo.com

This message was immediately shared thousands of times!

So many people responded, that just a day later the Animal Center paused the comments, and a day after that, the happy twosome had a new home, at a local farm.

Jennifer is very pleased this unusual duo will stay together. "They are adorable best buddies."

Later adding, "We hope they have many happy years together to come."

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/03/29/rescue-dog-goat-shelter-friends-cinnamon-felix/.

Thank you to Nice News for introducing this beautiful story to us.

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