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Published on October 9th 2018
The Magic Mirror of Betty Peck

Betty Peck
Betty Peck
Photo: karmatube.org

96-year old Betty Peck is a retired teacher from Saratoga, California who taught kindergarten for more than 50-years.

Her Magic Mirror uplifted the lives of thousands of students, and many teachers and parents who learned of this Magic Mirror and made one of their own.

What is it?

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Whenever one of her students was unsure, afraid or sad, Betty took that student to a classroom cabinet, and opened its door.

Inside was a full-length mirror, and as the student looked into the mirror, Betty would always have her hand on his or her shoulder and say, “How could you forget how wonderful you are!”

Betty Peck
Betty Peck, reflected in a mirror in her garden.
Photo: Eric Luse

She would then offer loving words of reassurance, as the student stared into his or her reflection in the mirror.

“Look at yourself,” Betty would say. “Look. How could you forget how wonderful you are? Look in that mirror. And they would look in the mirror and just melt.”

Today, Betty who earned her doctorate in her seventies, still loves to read. And over the years she also authored several books on teaching, inspiring and nurturing students.

Betty encourages each of us to find our creative selves by answering this basic question, “What values inspire and guide your creative self?”

Whatever your age, the answer could change your life.

Editor's Note: To learn more, please enjoy this heartwarming 7-minute, 48-second video filmed by Anne Birle Veh, who was one of Betty’s kindergarten students in 1967. http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=8167

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