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Published on December 13th 2022
A Dog's Seeing Eye Cat.

Blaze and Satin
Blaze and Satin Photo: yahoo.com

In 2019, Robin Wagner of Burlington, Vermont adopted Blaze, a German shepherd mix, only to discover he had serious vision issues.

Blaze was blind in one eye and losing his vision in the other.

Fortunately, Robin's cat companion Satin bonded with Blaze, which led to this loving kitty taking remarkable actions as Blaze went blind in 2020:

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In addition to professional trainers working with Blaze, Robin told People magazine:

"Both the cat and the dog like to hang out in our bed. When Blaze would jump up, Satin would go barreling out of the room before he stomped on her."

Blaze and Satin
Photo: yahoo.com

"But over time, we noticed Satin staying in her spot and giving Blaze a nice loud meow. He'd stop himself, and walk around her."

Now Satin walks with and meows 80-pound Blaze around the house, avoiding furniture and other impediments that could harm him.

Blaze and Satin
Photo: yahoo.com

Because of her, Blaze is able to live a safe and happy life.

"While she isn't the most affectionate and cuddliest of cats with us," said Robin, "She for sure tells Blaze she loves him, and it's the most beautiful thing to see."

Blaze and Satin
Photo: yahoo.com

Editor's Note: To learn more, see people.com/pets/guide-cat-helps-blind-dog-friend/.

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