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Published on January 29th 2019
Bob Charland: A dying man making an amazing gift to poor children

Bob Charland
Bob Charland
Photo: businesswest.com

In 2017, Bob was diagnosed with a brain cyst and a brain tumor. He has memory issues, tremors and headaches.

Bob, 45, a mechanic in Springfield, Mass. knows this will eventually take his life, so he decided to bring greater meaning to his life by doing something special for children in need.

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It began when Bob received a call from a counselor in a poverty driven 800-student school asking if he could donate some used bikes. He sure could.

Since then Bob has created Pedal Thru Youth, and restored and donated about 1,000 bikes to children, spending over $10,000 of his own money to do this.

He works with police officers in the greater Springfield area to deliver the bikes, including helmets, to schools, as he sets the handlebars and seats to accommodate each child.

Bob also provides safety lessons to help protect these children.

“I realized that I could still get up every day and do the projects that I want to do to help people,” Bob told The Washington Post.

“To spend time with these kids and see their smiles is an amazing feeling,” said Bob. “Sometimes for the first time in a long time, they see that somebody cares.”

In addition, Bob recently began a backpack program to get basic necessities, including hats and gloves to homeless people.

When someone has a big heart and time is brief, it is amazing what can be achieved.

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