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Published on February 11th 2020
Bob Williams: A 95-year-old who expresses his love for humanity in a simple yet powerful way.

Bob Williams
Bob Williams
Photo: desmoinesregister.com

Each Saturday, Bob goes into a Dollar General story in Long Grove, Iowa and buys two cases of something special.

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That something special is king-size Hershey milk chocolate bars.

And he no sooner pays for them but with a smile, hands some out to the staff of Dollar General and to other shoppers.

He then goes around town greeting people and giving away more of those Hershey bars.

And in case he runs out, and the Dollar General store isn't near, he goes home to his refrigerator freezer where he has a large stash ready to go.

Bob was married for nearly 68-years to his wife Mary who passed away in 2012. The couple have three adult children, 4-grandchildren and 10-great-grandchildren.

He is a World War ll veteran, a retired teacher and coach and for the past 16-years, has touched many hearts with his Hershey giveaways in the greater Long Grove area.

It is estimated he has handed out over 6,000 Hershey bars.

Bob Williams
Bob sits at the memorial bench to his late wife, Mary
Photo: The Hershey Company

About two years ago someone told Hershey.

Hershey now runs a commercial showing Bob in action, and it will give him all the Hershey bars he wants.

But this was never about commercialism. Then why does he do this?

As Bob said, "Well, it just makes me feel good."

Editor's Note: To see Bob in a two-minute video, click here. To learn more about Bob, click here, here and here.

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