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Published on April 20th 2021
Boncuk, a loving little white dog who supported her human companion in his time of COVID.

Boncuk photo: hurriyetdailynews.com

People often share remarkable pet stories, but as you will see, this story is very special.

When her human companion, Cemal Senturk contracted COVID, on January 14th he was taken by ambulance to nearby Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon, in Northeastern Turkey.

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Sensing he was in crisis, his loving little dog Boncuk followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Every day thereafter, according to hospital security guard Muhammet Akdeniz, she arrived each morning around 9 AM and remained outside the hospital entrance patiently awaiting him.

photo: cnn.com

And at nightfall, he said, Boncuk would return home.

Whenever Cemal's daughter Aynur Egeli tried to take Boncuk home, Boncuk would run back to the hospital.

Meanwhile the hospital staff, deeply touched by her devotion for Cemal, fed her and showered her with love.

Through a window, Cemal talked to her and reassured her but she continued her daily vigil until he could go home.

Thankfully, he prevailed over COVID and when the hospital staff wheeled him outside, after a six-day vigil, little Boncuk was there to greet him.

Boncuk greets Cemal outside the hospital
Boncuk greets Cemal outside the hospital photo: abcnews4.com

As he petted her, she passionately licked him with all the energy her little body could muster, both of them grateful that they could be together again.

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