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Published on June 4th 2019
A Little Coffee Shop With A Big Heart

Breanne Zolfo greets customers at her Café Fresco coffeehouse
Breanne Zolfo greets customers at her Café Fresco coffeehouse
Photo: chicagotribune.com

Six-years-ago when Breanne Zolfo started Café Fresco in Crown Point, Indiana, she wanted to create something special.

She wanted a place with fine food, but also a place where love would be an important factor, and a place that would uplift lives.

Here is what Breanne did:

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Breanne and her employees started writing tiny inspirational sayings on the coffee cup sleeves.

They wrote such endearments as “Believe there is good in the world” or “Let your light shine.” It became so popular; they now write more than 200 sayings each day

Breanne Zolfo greets customers at her Café Fresco coffeehouse
Photo: nwitimes.com

Then about three-years-ago, Breanne began encouraging her customers to bring more happiness into their lives by doing good deeds.

Customers began donating clothes to a homeless shelter or making Salvation Army donations or doing other kind acts, and each time they do, they are rewarded with a free cup of coffee.

“The customers love it,” Breanne told The Today Show. “They feel like they’re doing their small part, too. They see the outcome. They see they can change people’s lives.”

In addition, each week Breanne and the staff take all the money from their “Community Love Tip Jar” and use it to surprise someone in need.

After a homeless man told them he really needed a bike, they bought one for him.

Later he told the Café Fresco team how the bike changed his life for it gave him the transportation he needed to get a job. No longer is he homeless.

So, can a little coffee shop actually make a difference? Café Fresco does each day.

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here. To visit Cafe Fresco on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/frescocp/ Thank you to www.kindspring.org for introducing this story to us.

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