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Published on October 30th 2018
Callie Terrell: A 100-year-old hairstylist

Callie Terrell
Callie Terrell
Photo: washingtonpost.com

Callie, who turns 100 on November 26th, has been styling, coloring and cutting hair for 73-years.

She needs no cane nor glasses, and continues to drive. But now a problem has arisen..

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The beauty salon owner where she works plans to sell the salon and retire.

“I’d keep going, maybe to 101 or 102,” she told The Washington Post. “I love what I do, so why not?”

Callie graduated from high school in 1937, and attended college, then briefly worked as a school teacher.

Callie Terrell
Photo: wreg.com

In 1939, she married Charles Terrell, a mail carrier, and in 1945 earned her beautician’s license. Their earnings put their three daughters through college.

But today, after 73-years as a hair stylist, “I’ll miss my job, and I’ll miss my customers when I retire, but that won’t be the end,” Callie said. “I’m still going to keep active.”

Or maybe the new salon owner will retain her or from the news coverage another salon will recruit her. After all, where else is there someone with 73-years of experience.

Editor's Note: There is also another aspect to Callie’s life.

Being African-American, the family participated “heart, soul and body” in the 1960’s civil rights marches, including those led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“I shook his hand and talked to him during the early days of his civil rights life,” Callie told The Washington Post. “I so admired him. He was a godsend.”

To learn more about Callie, click here. To see a 2-minute, 18-second YouTube video of Callie, click here.

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