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Published on July 16th, 2013

Career Advice From A Former CEO

From my experience as a former CEO, and as a writer and a former radio talk show host who has shared numerous stories of success, the following 7 Practices could work wonders for you:

1)    Keep A Positive Attitude: No-one wants to be around those with bad attitudes. Bad attitudes are a key reason why corporations, law firms, sports teams and movie and television studios dump talented people despite their contributions. Instead of having a bad attitude, be a positive force and watch how people gravitate to you.

2)    Don’t Wallow In Self-Pity: When you get a bad break or make mistakes, acknowledge them, learn from them and move on. Don’t blame others and don’t complain. Bad breaks and mistakes are necessary for your personal growth.

3)    Avoid Negative Topics: Most people already know about the crime rates, bad economy or other terrible events. If you must discuss something negative, also tell people what you are doing to help solve the problem, even if it is as basic as a charitable contribution.

4)    Respectfully Disagree. If you have a difference of opinion, don’t tell that person he or she is wrong. Nobody wants to be told they are wrong for it makes them feel bad and angers them, it doesn’t change their opinion. Instead acknowledge what they said, thank them for their opinion and if you must comment, politely offer an alternative perspective.

5)    Don’t Be A Know It All: Neither you nor I nor anyone else knows it all. With a positive attitude we can learn from each other, for there is always more to learn in life.

6)    Be Sensitive To Your Non-Verbal Communication: We all speak volumes in what we don’t say. A frown, a stare, a head nod that says no, a sarcastic laugh, rolling one’s eyes or other unspoken responses define us to others.

7)    Display A Happy Face And Speak In A Happy Voice. Uplift your voice and seek all that is good in others, while being attentive to them and verbally reassuring. Add a little friendly laughter and it is a winning combination.

Take this advice and you will be amazed at the wonderful difference it makes for you.

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