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Published on May 30th, 2017
Carol Donald: Foster mother to over 100-children.

Carol Donald
Carol Donald
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Every child deserves a loving home, but so many, through no fault of their own are unloved and unwanted.

In 1965, 42-year-old Carol, and her husband Richard had two teenage children. As their children were growing up, Carol wanted babies again.

After reading in a local Concord, Calif. area newspaper about the need for foster parents, with the support of her family, Carol became a licensed foster care provider.

Soon, she began with twin babies to foster, the first two of what would become more than 100-babies or small children she fostered.

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Carol also took special needs babies, some with ongoing seizures, the children few other foster families wanted.

Each baby she fostered, she would wrap in her arms, to make them feel loved and secure. They could feel her heartbeat, recognize her scent, and hear her soothing voice.

Sometimes nurturing them required 24-hours a day.

Carol would typically keep these babies from several months to a year. The longest she had any baby was three years.

And when the baby was ready, he or she would be adopted, and Carol would advise the adopting parents about their new child and assure them she would be there if they needed help.

After 40-years as a foster mother, in a 2005 San Francisco Chronicle interview, 82-year-old Carol looked back joyfully at the many children she had fostered.

"I've put my heart and soul into those children. I try to recruit other people who see me in the store and wonder, ‘What is this old lady doing with this child?'

They ask me, ‘Is this your grandchild?' "And I tell them I am a foster parent and tell them how wonderful it is. I'm still doing it because I love it."

Editor's Note: If Carol is still living, she is in her mid-90's, and no longer fostering children, but she will always be a mother to all the children she fostered.

To learn more http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/The-Jefferson-Award-Carol-Donald-foster-care-mom-2644967.php, and http://www.values.com/inspirational-audio-stories/4-carol-donald

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