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Published on December 24th 2019
Najah Bazzy: She and her Detroit nonprofit, Zaman International have helped over a quarter of a million poor women and children.

Katie, with Carole and Verne King
Katie, with Carole and Verne King
Photo: nytimes.com

Over 1/3 of Detroit’s men, women and children live in poverty. Parts of this bankrupt city look like a war zone. [Jon, please select a compelling Detroit war zone photo.]

But Najah is a godsend, providing food, clothing, shelter and job training to many poor families.

Here is her story:

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As a nurse in 1996 Najah visited an Iraqi refugee family to provide medical care for their dying infant daughter.

“There, at the house, I got my first glimpse of poverty,” she told CNN. … “They absolutely had nothing.”

“There was no refrigerator, there was no stove, there was no crib. … The baby was in a laundry basket.”

Immediately, Najah and her family brought a crib and furnishings to the family.

Horrified, Najah began delivering donated necessities to Detroit’s poor from her family’s minivan, eventually forming Zaman.

The need is so great, today Zaman has grown into a 40,000 square foot facility.

It has food aisles, clothes aisles and furniture, free of charge. And its case managers help clients receive housing and other support.

“We work to stabilize them as quickly as we can, said Najah to CNN. “Women walk in and they are in desperate need, and they walk out with their basic needs met.”

Zaman also provides free education and job training and job placement.

“We’re a one-stop shop, said Najah. “We help our clients move from a ‘hand out’ to a ‘hands on,’ because when you’re in crisis … the idea of how to get yourself out of it is overwhelming.”

“People just need an opportunity,” Najah stated. “And they need hope. That’s what we do best.”

Editor's Note: Najah is a CNN Hero. To see her in a brief video, click here. To learn more. click here and here.

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