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Published on May 9th 2023
A donor who makes anonymous cash gifts to strangers.

How would you feel if you opened your mailbox, and found an envelope filled with cash for you? And the envelope read only, "Random act of kindness."

Would it make you happy? Would it strengthen your faith in humanity?

This happened last Christmas to at least several residents of the British community of Clifton, as each envelope contained 100 British pounds (120 U.S. dollars).

Here is how one Clifton resident responded:

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Sarah Lynne told Nottinghamshire Live she was "overwhelmed." Adding, "Whoever it is that does it is a hidden hero and has the kindest of hearts."

Photo: itv.com

In Clifton this has happened before.

In the Christmas of 2020, an anonymous donor sent 100 cash envelopes to random mailboxes, overwhelming the residents with such kindhearted generosity.

Dear Reader: Over the years we have published similar stories of generosity in the U.S. and we could publish more from elsewhere in the world.

So, if one day an envelope with cash arrives anonymously in your mailbox, you will understand - knowing for the donor, it is about love for humanity, and a willingness to share.

Editor's Note: To learn more, visit thegoodnewshub.com/society/random-act-of-kindness-anonymous-envelopes-filled-with-cash-posted-through-peoples-letterboxes/

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