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Published on March 19th 2024
Rescuing a tiny dog without paws.

Catherine Lumsden, the founder of Catherine's Puppies, a dog shelter in Hong Kong received a call about Chloe, an 18-month-old Chihuahua mix and pregnant with three puppies.

Volunteers found Chloe left on the street, her little feet paw less and clawless, barely able to walk, and only with great pain, on her exposed foot bones.

"They were at some point cut off by a person, not a vet. I have absolutely no way to find the monster who did this," Catherine told CNN.

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The vet told Catherine, Chloe may have infected feet, she may need surgery, and also may need prosthetics.

Catherine appealed to her 22,000 Facebook followers for help, and donations poured in. One of those who responded was Preeti Sharma, a mother of two, who rescues dogs.

Chloe Photo: petrescuereport.com

Preeti, who lives in an upscale Hong Kong neighborhood, told CNN, "There was no question we had to rescue Chloe and her pups."

"When she first came home, she was terrified and scared of every human being," said Preeti.

"If anyone tried to go near Chloe, she would surrender, close her eyes and cry, which is why we feel her 'human' used to beat her as well."

"It took her three months to trust and live without fear, and learn that in this house, no one beats her, and everyone loves her," added Preeti, who adopted her.

The adoption included two of her three puppies as well, with Chloe's other puppy already adopted by someone else.

To make Chloe's feet more comfortable Preeti got her special boots for her aching front feet. And if need be, she will get her prosthetics.

But most importantly, Chloe and her pups have now found the loving home they deserve.

Editor's Note: To learn more, visit cnn.com/2023/12/15/asia/rescue-dog-without-paws-hong-kong-christmas-intl-hnk/index.html

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