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Published on November 22nd 2022
Meet Clayton, A Loving EMS Therapy Dog.

Clayton Photo: kare11.com

As 911 calls pour into Emergency Medical Services (EMS), with red lights flashing and sirens blaring they race out to help others, sometimes dealing with horrific situations.

When they return to the station house, they are often stressed and could use a canine therapist to help ease their stress.

The EMS team at M Health Fairview in Minnesota has just such a therapist.

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He is 3-year-old Clayton who from the time he was a puppy was lovingly trained by non-profit Can Do Canines (CDC), and is now the in-house EMS therapy dog.

Photo: youtube.com

What is Clayton's role? Operations Supervisor Kevin Kane told CBS News Minnesota:

"His main purpose is to be a dog, and be a cuddly dog that people like to interact with so that they can kind of remove themselves for at least a moment [and relax]."

Added EMS worker Max Shermann of his time with Clayton, "It was a good mental break before we have to go back out there and do it all over again."

Said EMT Kate Barnes, "I know crews that have worked upwards of eight, nine calls a day."

"It's so nice to be able to come in and take a minute and sit down and just relax and pet a pup."

And as a loving dog, sometimes Clayton attends public events so he can connect with even more people.

In all, he brings joy to those around him, especially to those who need a good snuggle.

Editor's Note: To learn more cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/clayton-m-health-fairview-ems-worker-therapy-dog/ and candocanines.org/.

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