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Published on October 24th 2023
Providing free medical equipment to those in need.

What if you needed a special bed, or a wheel chair or a walker or a breathing device but couldn't afford it.

You could contact West Palm Beach, Fla based Clinics Can Help (CCH), a non-profit which has provided over 12,500 children and adults with gently used/refurbed medical equipment.

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Owen O'Neill, its CEO and Founder was a registered nurse, specializing in hospice care, and saw the vast surplus of medical equipment available after patients died.

Owen O'Neill
Owen O'Neill Photo: palmbeachpost.com

While volunteering at free clinics, he gave this equipment to patients in need. In 2005, he founded CCH.

At 17, Casey Bicknell had suffered a severe head injury.

After spending millions of insurance dollars, Barry Bicknell wanted to take his son Casey home, rather than to a nursing home.

"We set him up with all the equipment he needed to bring his son home," Owen told Nice News. As a result, Barry wrote in part this testimonial on the CCH website:

"I was overwhelmed with everything that was needed and (kept) thinking: 'How much is this going to cost?' I pulled out my checkbook, but you said it would cost nothing!"

"I cried. No one in my life has ever cared to offer us help for free."

Then there is Cole Gotlieb:

Now 14, because of his Spastic Quadriplegia (difficulty controlling his arms and legs) he has been involved with CCH for 10 years.

Cole Gotlieb
Cole Gotlieb Photo: facebook.com

Adjusted to his changing needs as he grows, Cole uses wheel chairs, adaptive strollers, adaptive shower chairs and other equipment.

Then there is Tristen Onofry:

Tristen Onofry
Tristen Onofry Photo: clinicscanhelp.org

Because of his Cerebral Palsy, he received a powered wheel chair specific to his needs, foldable to fit inside a vehicle.

With this mobility, not only does he do better in his daily activities, but has volunteered at the zoo and at 18, he is now a CCH intern.

So, if medical equipment seems unaffordable, think of CCH.

Editor's Note: To learn more, visit https://nicenews.com and https://www.clinicscanhelp.org/.

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