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Published on March 12th 2019
Cody Enloe: An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer whose quick action saved 3-children

Cody Enloe
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Cody Enloe
Photo: washingtonpost.com

On the night of February 14th, OHP Officer Cody Enloe got a radio call that a truck had flipped, landed upside-down and that the driver and her children were inside.

Cody sped to the scene and found the upside-down truck knee deep in water, and that observers had already gotten the mother safely out of the truck.

But she was hysterical, frantic to rescue her children.

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Cody could hear the 1 and 2-year-old children screaming.

Using the Jaws of Life, he and two firefighters broke open the doors, and Cody scrambled into the back seat, cut the children out of their car seats, and handed them out.

He and the other responders knew of only two children, and while the mother, still in shock was being treated in the ambulance, they thought their job was done.

Then “I kind of reverted back to my training, and something told me to check the vehicle one more time,” Cody told The Washington Post. “I crawled back into the truck.”

Cody Enloe
Trooper Cody Enloe speaking with Oklahoma's Governor
Photo: mcalesternews.com

From his flashlight beam, he could see another car seat, but this one was partially underwater and the baby’s face was submerged.

Cody yanked the seat out of the water, cut off the straps and yelled to the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) that an unresponsive baby was coming.

“I could tell the infant was not breathing,” Cody said. “He had already started to turn blue from lack of oxygen.”

Cody began CPR and immediately, water poured out of the baby’s nose and mouth. The EMTs continued the CPR and revived the 2-month-old infant.

Later, Cody visited the mother at the hospital and brought teddy bears for the children. And today, everyone is doing well, thanks to Cody, and the team of responders.

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