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Published on May 2nd 2023
Cole, a puppy unwanted at first for being deaf, he is now a top therapy dog.

Cole Photo: wfpg.com

The Cumberland County (New Jersey) SPCA had an adorable 4-month-old puppy that people flocked to see.

With soft brown eyes and floppy ears, Cole grabbed everyone's attention including Chris Hannah, an elementary school music teacher.

Cole Photo: facebook.com

As Chris considered adopting Cole, according to dog publication Big Barker, he saw people walk away, while saying such things as:

"He's so sweet - it's a shame he's deaf."

"That seems like a lot of work."

"He'll never be like a normal dog."

"I don't want a dog that's broken."

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But Chris didn't see it that way. He saw a puppy that was different, and sweet, loving, and worthy of a good home.

Cole and Chris
Cole and Chris Photo: facebook.com

Chris's nephew is deaf, so he is sensitive to this issue. To Chris, differences should be embraced, not avoided, and as with Cole, those differences can be something special.

He opened his heart and his home to Cole, and quickly learned this puppy was very bright. Soon he began training Cole to be a therapy dog, and the puppy responded immediately.

Training Cole was different because he couldn't hear commands, but instead the puppy watched Chris for cues and direction.

Cole and Chris
Cole and Chris Photo: twitter.com

In the few years that have passed, Cole has gone from being "broken" to a community hero.

He is now the school therapy dog where Chris teaches, and visits hospitals and veteran's homes, as well as many other schools, bringing love and hope to all.

Photo: facebook.com

Across the region, he joins Chris at assemblies to show everyone that special needs are nothing to fear, as they advocate for acceptance and inclusion.

And always, he has doggie kisses ready to give.

Editor's Note: To learn more americanhumane.org/, nbcnews.com/ and bigbarker.com/.

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