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Published on October 17th 2023
With his secret fortune, a modest man put 33 people through college.

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When 86-year-old Dale Schroeder passed away in Iowa in 2005 it seemed like an ordinary event, that is, until his will was read.

A carpenter for the same company for 67-years, Dale stunned everyone when he left a $3-million fortune.

And to add to the surprise, Dale wanted that money used to pay for college educations for Iowans who otherwise could not afford to go to college.

How did he make this fortune, and why spend it on putting others through college?

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Dale, who never married, nor had children, had grown up during the Great Depression, when jobs were scarce.

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Many people struggled to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Countless thousands of people lived in "Hoovervilles," tent cities named after President Hoover, as other families split up, going wherever anyone could feed and house them.

Dale never got over this and he kept the job he got in the 1930's, and lived frugally, often with just two pair of jeans, one for work, one for church.

He wished he could have attended college but that was then unaffordable for nearly everyone.

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Over the decades, he worked hard and saved his money. Although he couldn't go to college, he would see to it others could.

Called "Dale's Kids," they became doctors, teachers, therapists, etc.

His only request of them: Help fund college educations for others who otherwise could not attend.

Dale's kids have become friends and they intend to help others as Dale had helped them.

Editor's Note: To learn more cbsnews.com/ and wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Schroeder.

Thank you to Nice News for telling us of this wonderful story.

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