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Published on March 8th 2022
A beloved store about to close until customers rescued it.

Dan & Whit's General Store
Dan & Whit's General Store photo: facebook.com

Since 1891, Dan & Whit's General Store of Norwich, Vermont has served customers, offering a wide variety of products.

They also offer an overflowing bulletin board listing everything happening in the community. And it is where many people gather to share their stories.

Dan & Whit's General Store
photo: google.com

On its Facebook Page there is "Monday Minutes," with owner Dan Fraser and others dancing and joking, while offering store updates, and raising money for local charities.

Residents of this 3400-person community call it, "The heart of the town." But then a crisis struck and this gem of a store was suddenly on the verge of closing its doors forever.

Why? And what happened next?

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COVID-19 took a tremendous toll, as did the lack of employees following the quarantine.

Dan & Whit's General Store
Dan & Whit's General Store photo: google.com

[It appeared] "We're gonna have to lock the door because we have zero help," Dan told CBS's Steve Hartman.

"Which would be tough when you've invested your whole life into it," a heartbroken Dan added.

Dan & Whit's General Store
Dan Fraser photo: uvm.edu

But then long-time customers refused to allow it to close.

New part-time employees arrived: A doctor, a professor of psychology, a retired finance director, a middle school principal, a teacher, a therapist and an RN, among them.

In all, about 24-people joined Dan & Whit's.

Dan & Whit's General Store
Dr. Rick works the register photo: cbsnews.com

They work the cash register, work in the deli, stock shelves, do inventory and do the many other tasks vital to running a general store.

And most donate their hourly wages to Dan's favorite charities.

"The fact that the community stepped up," Dan added, while choking back tears. "Sometimes it takes sort of a crisis, if you will, to appreciate what you have."

Editor's Note:To learn more: cbsnews.com, https://www.facebook.com/DanAndWhits/, google.com/ and google.com The tongue in cheek motto at Dan and Whit's has long been "If we don't have it, you don't need it."

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