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Published on October 1st 2019
Danny & Ron’s Rescue: A godsend for unwanted dogs

Danny & Ron
Danny and Ron
Photo: theadvocate.com

In the U.S. each year, there are 6.5-million homeless dogs, 90% of which are not neutered.

2.5-million of those dogs find homes, the other 4-million are euthanized.

Our story is about an organization that rescues dogs, and since 2005, has found 11,000 loving homes for them.

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Camden, South Carolina based Danny & Ron’s began its nationwide operation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, rescuing and finding loving homes for 600-homeless dogs.

It was a spontaneous start, and these dogs, like those today were housed in their home and yard.

Where do today’s dogs come from?

Danny & Ron’s Rescue Calendar
Danny and Ron's 2019 Calendar
Photo: yearbox.com

They come from puppy mills, from sick or elderly owners and from shelters about to euthanize them for lack of space.

Once rescued by Danny and Ron, no-dog is ever denied. If no loving home is found, the dogs remain with them, to live their lives in comfort and companionship.

How do they pay for this?

Danny and Ron are horse trainers and donate their income. And they receive donations from the public. No adoption fee is ever charged.

It takes a mountain of dog food to feed these loving pets, along with paying the vet bills to spay and neuter them and to heal the sick ones.

To pay those bills and pay their staff, they are willing to mortgage their home.

Their story is so compelling, that Netflix this year released “Life in the Doghouse,” showing their heartwarming operation, hopefully attracting even more donations.

What their story reminds us is that regardless of the cause, each of us can make a marvelous difference in life, if only we have the compassion and courage to act.

Editor's Note: “Life in the Doghouse” trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQrQChIgV-M. To learn more, https://dannyronsrescue.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/DannyRonsRescue/.

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