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Published on December 11th 2018
Dashrath Manjhi: A man who carved a path thru a mountain, one scoop at a time

Dashrath Manjhi
Dashrath Manjhi
Photo: indiatoday.in

Many people believe one person cannot make a difference, but as you will see, one determined person can make all the difference.

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Dashrath was an outcast, as were the people of his northern India community, the poorest of the poor and among the lowest of the castes.

Each day he and the other workers of his village had to climb a mountain to reach their jobs, as did their children to reach their schools.

Later they climbed their way home, an hours long roundtrip climb.

Then one day in 1960, a tragedy occurred that changed everything.

Dashrath’s wife Phaguni was climbing the mountain to bring him lunch and slipped, badly injuring her leg.

She arrived several hours late, limping and in tears.

Dashrath, fearing the worst, was relieved to see her. That day, he pledged to do something about the mountain.

He bought a hammer, chisel and crowbar, and each day to and from work started chipping a road through the mountain.

As he progressed, villagers began donating food to him so he could quit his job and work full-time on the supposedly impossible project.

In 1982, 22-years after Dashrath began, there was a 360-foot long, 30-foot wide road through the middle of the mountain.

Dashrath Manjhi
The path created by Dasrath Manjhi
Photo: Sankarshan Thakur

Now the villagers could safely and quickly reach their jobs, the children their schools and medical care became accessible.

The grateful villagers began calling him, “Baba,” which means “the revered one.”

Can one person make a difference? This is a great example of one who did.

Editor's Note: To learn more http://www.dailygood.org/story/2103/the-man-who-moved-a-mountain/ Dashrath passed away in 2007.

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