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Published on September 20th 2022
A retired pilot who delivers rescue animals to loving homes.

David Tan
David Tan photo: josephgroup.com

After a 40-year career as a professional and military pilot, David Tan of Middleton, Wisconsin has flown numerous critters to loving homes.

Among them are at least 360-dogs, 23-cats, 3-goats, and a potbelly pig.

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He often does this through Pilots N Paws, a nonprofit that unites animal rescue groups with pilots.

David flies a two-seater aircraft with dog passengers such as Buddy, Chaos, Frankie and Oreo. Or a mother and her puppies.

"There are just some terrible stories out there [about] how cruel people can be to animals, especially down south; the abandonments are horrible," David told Madison magazine.

"A family would just leave them, discard them like a piece of old furniture or something. So that kind of gets to me. I feel good when at least ... I can contribute to where they go."

With the need so great sometimes David works with other rescuers he's become close to over the years, who text him for help.

For example, David picked up April a rescue pup whose owners had tired of her accidents in their home.

They took her to the vet to be euthanized, but the vet called a rescue group, which got her flown to Indiana.

David picked her up there and flew her to a rescue group in Iowa.

Being an animal rescue pilot is expensive, but David never charges, last year absorbing $23,000 in costs.

Typically, his passengers sleep until he delivers them, but sometimes he sees the dogs joyfully meet their new families.

"You ... say, 'Hope you have a great rest of your life' ... 'Hope these people love you forever."'

Editor's Note: : To learn more channel3000.com/id-rather-be-flying-dogs/ and pilotsnpaws.org/.

We learned of this story in Nice News.

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