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Published on December 12th 2023
A Best Friend To Squirrels.

Three years ago, during the covid lockdown, a squirrel joined Derrick Downey, Jr. on the 2nd story balcony of his Los Angeles apartment.

While sitting together, Derrick asked the squirrel, "Do you want something to eat?"

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"It seemed obvious to me that he did, so I told him, 'Stay here, I'll be right back,'" Derrick told The Washington Post.

Derrick returned with some peanuts. "And when I held my hand out with the peanuts, he pulled my hand closer and started eating."

Derrick Downey, Jr. and friends
Derrick Downey, Jr. and friends Photo: washingtonpost.com

Since then, he regularly joins Derrick on his balcony, often bringing a friend with him.

Derrick named them Richard and Maxine, and began sharing a video on TikTok with him and his little squirrel buddies. That video has attracted 26-million views.

Derrick also offers new videos.

Last year, Derrick began building a tiny two-story home, with a picket fence for the squirrels, and he asked his TikTok followers, now over a million of them, for their suggestions.

Photo: iol.co.za

As a result, the house has miniature furniture, paintings, dishes, houseplants, and a tiny working TV.

"They really do seem to enjoy watching TV," Derrick told The Post. "But more than anything, I'd have to say they like to eat."

Last June, Maxine and her babies had their nest disrupted by tree trimmers. Derrick brought the babies into his home and took care of them, and then returned them to Maxine.

This brought him closer to her.

"Maxine will perch on my shoulder, and I'll give her some nuts or avocado and we'll have this perfect little therapeutic moment."

Derrick is enjoying the global response his videos attract. "I love connecting with people, and now the squirrels have given me a new out let for that."

Editor's Note: To learn more, and to see some brief TikTok videos washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/09/21/squirrel-parenting-advice-derrickdowney/.

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