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Published on September 12th, 2017
Dr. Giuseppe Moscati: A miracle worker

Dr. Giuseppe Moscati
Dr. Giuseppe Moscati
Photo: marygildersleeve.com

Today's story is of a man who became famous for miracles. Many people are skeptical that such people exist.

Dr. Moscati, a devout Catholic, helped heal so many people in seemingly impossible situations the Catholic Church made him a Saint. This is his remarkable story:

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Dr. Moscati first came to public attention on April 8th, 1906 when Mount Vesuvius erupted and he rushed to the Torre del Greco hospital, near Vesuvius.

Many of its patients had severe physical limitations, yet as volcanic ash piled onto the roof, he got everyone out just before the roof collapsed.

But the best was yet to come.

Dr. Moscati became a famous miracle worker, treating large numbers of dying people, many of whom defied medical odds and recovered.

Desperate people from all walks of life came to him hoping to be healed.

For poor people, he charged nothing, and in writing a prescription, he would sometimes include money to pay for the medication.

But on April 12th, 1927, 46-year-old Dr. Moscati was busy caring for his patients, when at about 3pm, he sat down on a chair and soon gently passed away.

Yet even after his death, it was widely reported that he appeared before patients and cured them.

His canonization to sainthood involved a young man dying of leukemia. His mother dreamed of a doctor wearing a white coat, who then healed her son.

From a photo, she identified that man as Dr. Moscati.

But Dr. Moscati is one of many people thru the ages who reportedly have had miraculous healing powers.

Today in Brazil, an illiterate man known in English as "John of God," is widely believed to have such power, a power he credits to God.

John of God
John of God
Photo: nossolarhealing.com

In any event, these people who claim to have miraculous healing powers, whether they do or not, definitely have loyal and grateful followers in people who believe in their gifts.

Editor's Note: To learn more about Dr. Moscati, click here. To see the Naples church and office where Dr. Moscati practiced click here.

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