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Published on March 12th 2024
Dr. Kwane Stewart, the street vet who treats the pets of the homeless.

Dr. Kwane Stewart
Photo: cnn.com

Through his Project Street Vet, Dr. Stewart walks the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles, San Diego and elsewhere, providing medical care and food to these pets.

For many of these people, their pets are their only friends, their only source of love, and though many wish they could pay Dr. Stewart, there is never a charge.

Why does he do this?

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"It was my way to heal," Dr. Stewart told CNN.

Dr. Kwane Stewart
Dr. Kwane Stewart Photo: nbcsandiego.com

Before becoming a street vet in 2011, Dr. Stewart worked in a Northern California shelter, where he was required to euthanize numerous unwanted pets.

"It started to steal a part of my soul," said Dr. Stewart. "I thought about leaving the veterinary profession altogether."

Then came a life changing moment.

While picking up coffee at 7-11, on impulse he examined a homeless man's dog. "I'd seen this guy before and ignored him. Regrettably, just walked by him."

The dog had a serious skin condition, that Dr. Stewart treated, helping the dog heal. Grateful, the homeless man added, "Thank you for not ignoring me."

"That was the moment I said to myself, "I'm going to do more of this. I'm going to get back to saving animals on my terms. I'm going to do it for passion, not for pay."

Dr. Stewart started walking the streets populated with homeless, providing care to their pets.

In 2016, he was joined by Genesis Rendon, a veteran veterinary nurse, whom he calls my "right-hand."

Dr. Kwane Stewart and Genesis Rendon
Dr. Kwane Stewart and veterinary nurse Genesis Rendon Photo: imdb.com

Over the years, they and their volunteers have provided healthcare to thousands of pets.

"I will say this about homeless people I've met who have pets on the streets," said Dr. Stewart. "They are some of the most remarkable pet parents I've ever met."

Editor's Note: To learn more cnn.com, abc7.com/ and projectstreetvet.org/

Dr. Stewart is the 2023 CNN Hero of the Year.

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