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Published on August 14th, 2018
Dr. Rob Gore: An ER doctor who rescues at-risk youths

Dr. Rob Gore
Dr. Rob Gore
Photo: wearemorehouse.com

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, homicide is the No. 1 cause of death among American black men, ages 15 to 34.

Dr. Gore, who is from the inner-city, is taking action to try to stop or sharply reduce the violence in his neighborhood.

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Dr. Gore is an ER doctor at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, an area largely black and largely poor.

“Probably the worst thing that I’ve ever had to do is tell a 15-year-old’s mother that her son was killed,” Dr. Gore told CNN, adding “If I can’t keep somebody alive, I’ve failed.”

With so many young black men being shot or stabbed, Dr. Gore knew he had to take action.

In 2009, Dr. Gore created Kings Against Violence Initiative " known as KAVI.

Photo: cnn.com

Today, KAVI runs violence intervention programs in the hospital, schools and in the community, serving more than 250-young people.

Among the programs are weekly workshops, teaching mediation and conflict resolution.

KAVI also offers free mental health counseling for those who need one-to-one support, and it tutors students, helping them to make good grades.

“The goal is to bring out their best self,” stated Dr. Gore.

School officials say KAVI is a success: reducing violence, elevating grades and sending many more students to college.

Dr. Gore, along with a dedicated team, are making an important difference and creating tools that could bring hope to many inner-city neighborhoods.

Editor's Note: Dr. Gore is a CNN Hero. To learn more, please see this 3-minute, 8-second video along with a CNN interview, or this 2-minute, 52 second video or visit the KAVI website, here.

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