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Published on November 28th, 2017
Dr. Ruth Pfau ("fow"): The Mother Teresa of Pakistan.

Dr. Ruth Pfau
Dr. Ruth Pfau
Photos: geo.tv

Dr. Ruth, who recently passed away at 87, was a German born medical doctor and a nun widely known for her work with people with leprosy.

She personally tended to those with leprosy, starting in Pakistan’s Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre in 1960.

Dr. Ruth eventually led the Leprosy Centre and its expansion into 157-Pakistani facilities treating many thousands of people.

Yet as you will see, her extraordinary work began so simply.

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In 1960, then 29-year-old Dr. Ruth was on her way to India and came through Karachi, Pakistan’s most populous city.

While there, she visited a leper colony and met a man, one of thousands of Pakistani patients, all of whom were shunned by a society fearful of contracting the disease.

Dr. Ruth Pfau
Doctor Ruth Pfau treats leprosy patients in Pakistan in the 1960s.
Photos: cruxnow.com

"He must have been my age " I was at this time not yet 30 " and he crawled on hands and feet into this dispensary, acting as if this was quite normal," Dr. Ruth told the BBC in 2010.

[It was] "as if someone has to crawl there through the slime and dirt on hands and feet, like a dog."

Stunned by this sight and other sights she saw in that leper colony, Dr. Ruth knew she had found her life’s work.

And her work never stopped. She and her team were so effective, The World Health Organization in 1996 declared leprosy in Pakistan under control.

Once leprosy was contained, the Centre began treating people for blindness and tuberculosis as well, and now also treats disabled people such as landmine victims from the Afghanistan War.

Yet through it all, despite her fame, Dr. Ruth lived humbly in a single room in the Centre, arising each day at 5 am to pray and then to lovingly care for those in need.

Editor's Note: To learn more about Dr. Ruth, click here, from which today’s quotes were taken, and here. To see a 28 minute, 2014 Dr. Ruth interview in German with English subtitles, click here.

To learn more about the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre http://www.malc.org.pk/

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