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Published on January 17th, 2017
E.J. Jackson: Who lived a message of hope in South Central Los Angeles.

E.J. Jackson
E.J. Jackson  

South Central is predominantly African-American and Latino, and well-known for its poverty and violence.

E.J. grew up in South Central and by the time he passed away in 2016 at 66, he had made a wonderful difference there.

Starting on Thanksgiving, 1982, he began buying and giving out turkeys to families in need, which was only the beginning of what would become his widespread charity work.

What else did he do, and where did he get the money? It's a great story.

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At one time, E.J. had been homeless. But rather than be defeated by his hardship, he looked for business opportunities.

Eventually, he found a huge opportunity.

Most limousine services would not serve South Central, so with his own car, E.J. began Jackson Limousine Service, transporting people to weddings, proms and other special events.

Given his quality service and a lack of competition, his business grew quickly from one car, to two cars and over time, to many cars.

Among his clients was Beverly Hills based Motown, the famous music company.

As his success grew, E.J. took good care not only of his family, but of his extended family, which he viewed as those in need in South Central.

He helped poor families pay their bills, and delivered food and water to homeless encampments.

E.J. Jackson's Annual Thanksgiving Food Giveaway
E.J. Jackson's Annual Thanksgiving Food Giveaway  

E.J. also provided something else in need in South Central: jobs.

In some cases, he even hired and trained people with prison records, seeking a second chance, knowing no-one else would likely hire them.

But for all of his generosity, E.J. became best known for his annual Thanksgiving food giveaway, which with the help of hundreds of volunteers, now serves 12,000 people.

Editor's Note: The primary source for today's story is the Los Angeles Times http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-ej-jackson-death-20161103-story.html. You can also learn more at http://abc7.com/society/ej-jackson-organizer-of-massive-south-la-turkey-giveaways-dies/1584868/

In the next KazanToday: A doctor to the homeless.

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