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Published on November 12th 2019
Elizabeth Barker Johnson: A 99-year-old World War ll veteran who was formally presented with her college degree 70-years after graduating from college.

Elizabeth Barker Johnson
Elizabeth Barker Johnson Photo: facebook.com

During World War ll, Elizabeth served in the only female black battalion stationed overseas. Its job was to deliver long delayed mail to many a grateful soldier.

As a result of her military service, under the GI Bill, she qualified for a free college education, a godsend for many soldiers who otherwise could never afford to attend college.

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In 1949, four-years after the war, Elizabeth earned her degree from what is now Winston Salem State University, an historically black school in North Carolina.

But by then, she had already become a school teacher, and could not leave her class unattended for the graduation ceremony.

Ultimately, Elizabeth would become a single mother, and work as many as three jobs to support her family. As the years passed a formal graduation seemed like a fairy tale.

That is until her 99th birthday this year when she was invited by Winston Salem to march with the other graduates and be formally presented with her degree.

Elizabeth Barker Johnson
Elizabeth Barker Johnson Photo: mynbc5.com

Elizabeth was thrilled, and on May 11th, 2019 with tears in her eyes, she walked to the dais and received her degree.

To see this beautiful moment and listen to her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLSVt-JxSdA

Editor's Note: To see Elizabeth being invited to participate in the 2019 graduation ceremony, click here. To learn more about Winston Salem State University, click here. https://www.wssu.edu/.

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