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Published on September 10th 2019
Ernie Andrus: A 95-year-old World War ll Veteran who is running across the U.S.

Ernie Andrus
Ernie Andrus Photo: majically.com

In 2016, Ernie ran across the U.S. It took him 3-years, and the then 93-year old runner became the oldest runner to cross the nation.

Now at 95, he’s doing it again, running from St. Simons Island, Georgia to San Diego, California.

Why is he doing this?

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During World War ll, Ernie was a sailor, who served on an LST, a type of military ship, of which only one in its original form still exists.

USS LST Ship Memorial
USS LST Ship Memorial, Evansville, Indiana
Photo: tripadvisor.com

Ernie is running to raise money and awareness to preserve this old ship, anchored in Evansville, Indiana, a ship he calls “The Great Lady.”

But he is also making this run because he got bored and needed a challenge. On March 16, 2019 he began his latest run.

He starts at 6:30 am and runs 3-days a week, about 41/2 miles a day and expects to reach San Diego, 2400 miles away, sometime after his 100th birthday.

Most very senior citizens seek a more sedentary lifestyle, but Ernie is up to the challenge and to him, tranquility and a sense of purpose are found on the road.

Editor's Note: To learn more cbsnews.com/video/95-year-old-wwii-vet-crossing-us-to-raise-money-for-navy-ship/

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