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Published on March 7th 2023
A special aviation museum attraction, five adorable kittens living in a 1950's jet

Hickory Aviation Museum Kitten Photo: coleandmarmalade.com

"I saw this furry little head pop up," said Bill Falls, a former Navy doctor, and now a volunteer at North Carolina's Hickory Aviation Museum.

"And suddenly there was another, then another and another," he told The Washington Post, as he described what he saw while looking into the cockpit.

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Hickory Aviation Museum Kitten Photo: people.com

"There were kittens jumping all over the place inside. There was a kitten in the front seat, a kitten in the back seat and kittens rolling in and out of there, climbing all over."

Bill realized the mother of these little balls of fur had to be Phantom, a feral gray cat that lives on the museum grounds, a cat which the staff feeds.

As Bill stepped back, Phantom leaped into the plane to care for her kittens.

The vintage jet where the kittens were found Photo: coleandmarmalade.com

"She's a very smart cat, and she'd somehow worked her way through the belly of the plane to have her litter in a safe, dry place, that's out of the weather," said Bill.

But the kittens could not stay indefinitely.

For Phantom's and her kittens' well-being the museum allowed them to stay for about six more weeks, keeping them safe from coyotes and other predators that live nearby.

Then they called the Humane Society of Catawba County so rescuers could safely trap Phantom and her kittens.

She and her kittens received veterinary care. Phantom was spayed and returned to the museum, which has always been her home.

And her kittens are being fostered to become humanized.

The Humane Society anticipates there will be strong interest in adopting these fur balls when they are available.

Editor's Note: To learn more https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2022/11/08/kittens-vintage-jet-hickory-museum/ and http://www.hickoryaviationmuseum.org/

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