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Published on November 15th 2022
A mother and her 7-year-old daughter start a flower shop to help others.

Photo: q1065.fm

Two-years-ago, in the picturesque community of Old Town Maine, Jess Francis with her daughter Arabella decided to do something to help those in need.

So, they began selling flowers from a small stand on their front yard.

The first year they donated their earnings to "Ending Hunger in Maine," and last year to the Maine Parkinson's Society.

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This year, they opened a small store front at 211 Main Street, in Old Town.

Photo: q1065.fm

There for limited hours, they sell flowers and other goods, with 25% of their earnings donated to a local hospital, Northern Light NICU.

This is a beautiful story of a mother and daughter helping others in their community.

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Editor's Note: Dear Reader: This is a very popular local Old Town story with all credit to Arabella. But Jess runs it and Arabella joins in and learns the value of helping others, which is why I shared this story with you.

To learn more https://www.facebook.com/TouchOfGraceFlowers, newscentermaine.com, wabi.tv/ and northernlighthealth.org

If you would like to see what this picturesque little city of 7,431 people looks like, click here.

Non-professional flower sales in Maine are likely seasonal, as wintertime snow will take its toll.

Thank you to Nice News for introducing this story to us.

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