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Published on May 28th 2024
Forever His Valentine.

Photo: kgns.tv

"We were married 47-years, but we actually met in high school when we were 16-years-old," 77-year-old Diana Maver told KGO TV in San Francisco.

This Danville, California couple raised their three children together. But when her husband John passed away in 2017, it left a huge hole in her heart.

And then something remarkable happened. Each Valentine's Day, Diana began to receive a beautiful bouquet, and a deeply touching love note from him.

Photo: abc7.com

The first of these beautiful, but mysterious bouquets and cards arrived on Valentine's Day, 2018, four months after John's passing.

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One of their daughters, Marilee Heard told KGO:

"Through whatever magic works in his world, it's set up so that every year a bouquet of flowers shows up on her doorstep from my dad."

"When these flowers arrive, you should see the smile that comes on her face. It's just incredible, the joy that washes over her. She just knows, she knows he's there for her."

Said Diana to KGO, "Roses and lilies, white lilies. And they represented our love for each other."

A love that is everlasting. For however John arranged this Valentine's Day expression of his love, this year it happened for the 6th consecutive time, with no end in sight.

Diana Maver with her flowers she received from John Maver on 2/14/2024.
Photo: yahoo.com

"The flower bouquet is a perfect mix of their favorites," their other daughter, Joanne Clemente told USA Today. "She loves red roses and my father loved white lilies. It's a combination of the best of both of them in a romantic bouquet."

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